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David Blood 
Based in Dallas, Texas, USA


1998 His short Film "Headless at the Fair" premiered at Slamdance.

In 2002 the short film "Flying" that he shot for director Bruce Terris was chosen as one of only 2 short films from the United States for the competition in the Cannes Film Festival. 


ln 2011 the short film Pioneer that he shot for  director David Lowery, premiered at Sundance won special jury prize at SXSW and showed at festivals around the world including Vladivostock, Russia.

I have 25+ years of experience in the business.  While I’ve seen the transition from film to digital and into more affordable capture devices,  the importance of

a good eye and and craftsmanship hasn’t changed.  The importance of being both a problem solving pragmatist and an artist is something that I strive to balance on every job.   


I’ve worked with and am comfortable shooting with most of the current professional digital cameras including: Arri Alexas,  Red Cameras, Sony Venice to FX6 and FX3, Canon C500 to 5DIV, Black Magic Ursa to Pocket 6k, and many more.


I have a strong background in lighting. (I worked as a gaffer for many years.)


I have an art degree, but don't hold that against me.


People like me. (Or pretend to convincingly.)


I own or have access to many of the cameras listed above. Call me for a quote, I like to work.

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