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Cuttin' Torch

Gotta get that corner cut off the end of the bar. 1/4" steel buried in concrete below the tile.

I got an idea. I've got a cuttin' torch that will cut the embedded steel off below the tile level.

Problem solved. It's a portable little rig with tiny bottles and it's been sitting for several years so I thought I would check it out. So. Tested the torch. Worked. Brought it to the job. As soon as I lit the durned thing it was clear .... I was out of acetylene. So. Found a welding supply place 3 miles a way they said they could switch out my bottle. Drove there, switched out. Came back lit torch. Acetylene was great. Started to cut, got 4"! It ran out of oxygen.

So. I went back to the welding supply place got a bottle of oxygen, came back and that was the end of the day. Waiting for the tile guy to take out the stones before I shoot molten metal all over the pretty flagstones.

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